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Sandy McCathie

Sandy McCathie is an environmental and sustainability advisor with 19 years of experience creating innovative solutions to advance the adoption of sustainable practices.

She has operated ecoSAVVY, a successful and award winning sustainability consultancy in Townsville since 2004. She is widely known as a knowledgeable, adaptable and dedicated sustainability professional who is highly proficient in assisting and supporting organisations, businesses and individuals to identify, prioritise and achieve practical solutions for sustainability.

With a Science degree (BSc Hons, Hydrology major) she has a good understanding of the Earth Sciences. Postgraduate studies in Cleaner Production underly her best practice approaches for engineering and business management strategies to reduce the environmental impacts of production processes and achieve improvements in financial performance and community wellbeing across diverse industry sectors.

Ongoing professional development has built further expertise in business management, community engagement, public and private sector liaison, effecting innovation and change, public speaking and social media marketing.

Sandy has high functioning analytical and intutitive thinking abilities; ability to deliver constructive, creative and well thought out solutions to problems, competency in reviewing technical data, and the capacity to get to the crux of issues quickly.

Diversely skilled and adaptative, Sandy is a connector and facilitator with strong negotiation skills. She enjoys researching, ideas generation, learning, knowledge sharing and bringing people together around a common cause for good. Sandy's strong written and verbal communication skills include the ability to communicate complex information in integrated and readily understood ways. She is receptive to new ideas, has good listening skills and is keen to work with innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs and game changers.

Interests include: transitioning to a low carbon economy, application of best practice research into organisational practice/commercialisation, promotion of equity, empowerment of women and behaviour change. 

To discuss your ideas, goals and support needs please contact Sandy today.

Key Colleagues, Collaborators & Influencers

Dr Allyson Lankester

Allyson (Ally) is a Townsville based consultant specialising in social research, education and facilitation. She works with people to understand and address social-ecological problems, and enhance learning that fosters change towards a better world for people and the environment.

Areas of expertise include: Participatory action research, Interviews, Survey design, administration and analysis, Monitoring and evaluation, Creative interpretative research, Workshop and group facilitation (action learning, participatory change), Project coordination, administration and management, Proposal and report writing, Community engagement and liaison, Data management and analysis, Media analysis, Literature reviews.

Ally has a PhD in social sciences, specialising in natural resource management, and over 10 years experience working on research projects that have provided insights and solutions for different community groups, organisations and industries.

Read more about Ally on her LinkedIn profile and see some of her work via  Tree of Knowledge - Townsville Community Climate Change Actions.

Tree of Knowledge - Participatory Action Research

Sabine Carter

Sabine is a German trained, Townsville-based graphic designer trading as Carter Graphic Design and an artist selling her work locally and online under the label Waste to Wonder. Sabine is an adjunct lecturer at James Cook University, runs creative, digital and graphic arts workshops including in association with QUT's digital arts program, and sells upcycled items and jewellry via market stalls and online.

Sandy, Sabine and architect Neil Carter are founders of ecoville, a not-for-profit community organisation promoting and encouraging community involvement in local eco-oriented community organisations and events primarily via ecoville's facebook page

Contact Sabine Carter via Linked In.

Tania Dennis & Keith Nobel

Tania Dennis is director of Insideout Architects and an experienced tropical architect and place maker. Tania's functional architecture, intimate understanding of culture and place, and extensive collarborations with indigenous and other communities informs her as a masterplanner and designer of functional tropical built forms.  

Keith Nobel is a tropical fruit grower, natural resource managment advisor and is currently completing a PhD in Agriculture in Northern Australia.

Together, Tania and Keith lead the committee that organises PechaKucha Nights Townsville. Sandy helps out with PR and social media. The eagerly anticipated quarterly events inspire community, culture and the sharing of knowledge via the PechaKucha 20x20 format. 

Gustavo Barreda

Gustavo, of Peruvian upbringing, has a Bachelor in Aquaculture and a Masters in Environmental and Earth Science.  Gustavo undertook a work placement with ecoSAVVY, undertaking research into the capacity of the North Queensland region to embrace renewables and profiling of businesses in the green building sector. Gustavo excels in sales, and business and is interested in working on renewable energy projects. To contact Gustavo see LinkedIn

Margaret Atkinson

Margie collaborated with ecoSAVVY in the delivery of Home Sustainability Assessments, a program assisting households to reduce their electricity bills.

Margaret Atkinson is the Research Partner Development Manager and Queensland Tropical Agri and Aquatic Sciences Program Developer at James Cook University. Margie has extensive experience in communicating, engaging stakeholders, facilitating, negotiating, program and project management. 

Contact Margaret via LinkedIn.

Wendy Tubman

Wendy was, until recently, the Coordinator for North Queensland Conservation Council. In early 2016, Wendy Tubman stepped aside to become the Greens Candidate for Herbert (Townsville) for the 2016 Federal Election. 

Sandy and Wendy have collaborated to host a number of Townsville Global Days of Climate Action, market stalls and other climate change related community events.