informing, connecting, activating, actioning


The people of North Queensland embracing sustainable ways and proactively transitioning to a carbon neutral economy to secure our natural assets, lifestyle benefits and all round prosperity.


To support community, businesses and other organisations in having an understanding of climate change science and how climate change is already and will increasingly impact on our way of life.

Raise awareness and encourage multi-dimensional community initiatives that enable North Queenslande to see the opportunities of embracing and rapidly transitioning towards a clean-energy driven economy and slowing the rate of future warming.

To influence attitudes, opinion and behaviours of North Queenslanders on the issue of global warming and the need for strong effective climate action.


  • Knowledge, Intelligence, Foresight & Wisdom
  • Understanding, Compassion, Honesty & Inclusivity
  • Cooperation, Community, Equity & Empowerment
  • Peace, Harmony, Hope & Sustainability


  • Partnering and collaborating with community, business & educational organisations to promote wide understanding that climate change is real, is caused by us, is and will continue to affect our ways of life in North Queensland (and for people around the world).
  • Bringing awareness to North Queenslanders of the concept of the earth having a global carbon budget and the need for the people's of the earth to become carbon neutral by 2050.
  • Expediting a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables and carbon neutrality for North Queenslanders.
  • Promoting the achivements of the multitude of businesses, government, community and household initiatives in North Queensland that have been successful in delivering projects that enhance our transition to becoming an energy effficient, clean energy powered place to live, work and play.
  • Galvanisation of community hope and elevating the political importance of acting on climate change.
  • Supporting the organising of North Queenslanders to build their capacity and developing a stronger community voice in calling for policy that is effective and supportive of North Queensland's varied sectors embracing climate actions and transitioning to renewable energy technologies.