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Sustainability Declarations

What is a sustainability declaration?

On 1 January 2010, the Queensland Government introduced an initiative to improve the sustainability performance of homes in Queensland. The legislation requried the seller to complete  a checklist and provide it to potential buyers of their house, townhouse or unit in Queensland.

The intent was that the Sustainability Checklist would make it easier for buyers to compare the the energy and water efficiency of homes that they were considering buying.

After a period of time the manadatory nature of the requirement was removed, however a sustainability declaration however a helpful.

As a result of disclosure, the financial value of energy and water efficient attributes may start to become reflected in the resale value of homes and householders will have a greater incentive to invest in improvements to their homes even if they themselves do not plan on living in that home for a long time.

Further links - to download:
• The Sustainability Declaration Form,
• Building Codes Queensland’s Fact Sheet on the Sustainability Declaration
• The Sustainability Declaration Reference Guide – a guide that provides information to help you complete the sustainability declaration.