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  • Food choices impact significantly on our Ecological Footprint.

  • Food makes up 32% of the average Australian’s ecological footprint. This is more than shelter (29%), goods and services (21%) and transport (18%).

  • So if you want to reduce your eco-footprint - Take a look at your food.

How my family (2 adults, 2 small children) has gone about reducing our food footprint

These behaviours are generally in the order that my family adopted them (ie easiest first)....

Avoid generating waste

  • Take your own reusable shopping bags.

  • Minimise fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.

  • Prefer products with minimal packaging.

  • Buy an insulated water bottle, to have cold water with you when out and about.

  • Avoid single serve portions. Avoid single use wraps. Instead buy food in ‘bigger’ sizes and pack into reusable containers for lunches and food on the go.

  • Eat up leftovers rather than throwing them out.

  • Shop more frugally (ie buy less), plan meals, make detailed shopping lists, avoid having excess food in fridge that will go off before you have an opportunity to eat it.

  • Recycle food packaging.

  • Compost food waste.

Eat less meat (and to a lesser degree, less cheese/dairy)

This choice alone has a massive impact on your food footprint.

Grow some of your own food

Eat more local, in season foods

Eat more real / whole and homemade foods (and less commercially processed foods)

Buy more organic (ie pesticide & insecticide free) produce

Shop direct at farmers markets or from natural food markets

Choose local /Australian rather than imported foods.