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How can North Queenslanders minimise global warming?

Specifically.... Encourage your workplace, industry groups, community organisations and community groups to get informed and if compelled move onto taking climate actions as a community.

Request a Climate Reality Presentation

Contact Sandy McCathie today to enquire about hosting a climate reality presentation for your workplace / industry organisation / community organisation or community group. Sandy is the North Queensland Earth Hour Action Community Ambassador for North Queensland (an initiative of WWF) and has been trained as a Climate Reality Leader by Chairman of the Climate Reality Project and past-vice President of the USA, Al Gore. The Climate Reality Project Australia is an initiative of the Australian Conservation Foundation. 

You can request a presentation or see if there are any Climate Reality presentations scheduled near to you by visiting the Climate Reality Presentations website

Climate Reality Leadership Corps

Get Informed 

There are currently so many organisations around Australia and the world calling for climate action.

Here are a few good online ones to start with…

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Attend an Upcoming Climate Talk, Forum, Business or Community Event

**See the Upcoming Events Page.**

For countering denial

The Reality Drop website is great for tackling denial and getting the scientific facts on some of the questions that are proposed by those who query whether humans really are causing the planet to warm. From the homepage, just type your topic in the search box to see both perspectives on any questions you or others have.

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Take Personal Action

Get on board with initiatives from Townsville City Council's Integrated Sustainability Services.

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