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Earth Hour 2014 - Townsville Public Event

On Saturday 29th March, 2014 - WWF and Townsville City Council teamed up to present a starlight picnic, short film, presentations and entertainment at Strand Park between 6pm and 9:30pm. Over 1000 members of the Townsville community came out to the event to celebrate Earth Hour 2014 and the launch of the new WWF documentary "Lights out for the Reef". ecoSAVVY helped coordinate the event. A big thankyou to everyone involved and also all who attended.

Townsville Rallies for stronger climate action

On Sunday 17th November, 2013 - 60,000 nationally came together in rallies around Australia DEMANDING stronger action on climate change. See George Hirst's inspiring photos from the Townsville event.  

NQCC Campaign for the Reef

Follow the North Queensland Conservation Council on Facebook.

GetUp! - Climate Campaign

Right now, it is more important than ever before that we make it clear that the majority of Australians want climate action. Join tens of thousands of Australians gathering in regional and capital cities nationwide to turn up the heat on climate action. 

24 Hours of Reality 2013

24 Hours of Reality 2013 - Compelling viewing - continent by continent, the impacts of climate change explained and solutions suggested by those on the ground in those areas.

The Climate Reality Project has a lot of great video content. Try these: The cost of carbon (2 mins) and The Way Forward (5 mins). 

Climate Change Science in 25 mins - from US National Academy of Sciences

This is YouTube clip from the US National Acacemy of Sciences explains the science of Climate Change in 25 mins. It answers questions like How do we know the earth is warming? How do we know that CO2 from human activities is causing global warming? How much energy our activities are adding to the planet each year - its staggering. Why the heating can't be attributed to fluctuations in solar activity (the sun), short term climate cycles (like El Nino/La Nina) or longterm cycles like iceages. A good investment of time.